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HOUSTON The biological parents of baby Chloe have one more chance to come forward before their rights are terminated for good. A court hearing that was scheduled for Monday to move forward with the termination has been reset to May 22, according to court documents.

The abandoned newborn was found outside a Cypress apartment complex on February 19 after a woman s dog picked up on a scent. Chloe had been placed in a Walmart shopping bag and left near a fence at 11111 Grant Road. She was rushed to Texas Children s Hospital where doctors found her, miraculously, to be in good condition.

She was very healthy; didn t have a fever, said Estella Olguin with CPS. Fortunately, she did not suffer from being exposed to the elements that evening.

CPS began looking for the girl s biological mother or father, but no one ever came forward. Composite sketches were made of what the parents could possibly look like. Officials said the parents didn t have to claim her they just wanted more information.

The name Chloe was given to her by the hospital staff at Texas Children s. It is not her legal name and will not appear on her birth certificate. Chloe continues to be cared for by a foster family.

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