LANCASTER Six months ago,a tornado outbreak leveled dozens of North Texas homes.

Seventeen twisters terrorized residents and destroyed nearly 350 residences. The strongest was an EF3, bringing 150 mile per hour winds along with it.

Miraculously, only minor injuries were reported.

In Lancaster, one of the hardest hit areas, there are many stories of recovery, rebuilding and renewed life after the April 3 tornadoes.

Dimple Sherrard is moving into her new house Saturday. Six months ago, a tornado destroyed her home. She has been living with her daughter in Desoto.

Her husband, Charles, a quadriplegic, had to stay in a nursing facility.

Out of all this, it was a blessing, said Sherrard. I got a brand new house.

Sherrard says her six-month struggle has given her a new perspective on life.

I know everything that's done, there's always something good that's going to come behind it, she said.

The tornado also destroyed Donnie Duncan's house. He spent the last six months living between a hotel, his in-laws' house and his parents house. He will move into his rebuilt house this weekend.

You can go to your own icebox, use your own shower and use your own bathtub, said Duncan. It's going to be nice.

For Duncan and Sherrard, they say the emotional pain will ease when once again, they will have a place to call home.


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