HOUSTON Members of the Eustace family are ice cream devotees, but when they tired of Ben & Jerry s, they decided to experiment.Five years ago the family started using liquid nitrogen to make the coolest of ice creams.

Traditionally used for medical procedures, science experiments and road construction, the liquid nitrogen can freeze cream instantly at 320 degrees below zero.

The Eustace family enjoys the special scientifically-blended ice cream so much, they gladly share their recipes and offer taste testing.

Wendy Eustace whips up a sweet and salty blend, with caramel and seasoning salt, along with eight shots of cream mix before blasting it with liquid nitrogen.

Husband and father, John Eustace, likes to kick his ice cream up a notch by using cayenne pepper.

I like mine spicy, he says.

The quick freezing preserves the nutrients in the food.So the quicker this cream freezes, the smoother and creamier the ice cream will be.

It freezes the ice crystals so slowly that the ice crystals don t get a chance to grow, John Eustace said.

While it makes for a cool show, the nitrogen liquid-chilled ice cream is not all child s play.One of the Eustace family recipes calls for tequila mixed with strawberries and cream.

Regardless of flavor profiles and preferences, the Eustace family believes the key to any good ice cream is a machine that freezes well. It will guarantee you ice cream that will literally smoke the competition.
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