HOUSTON Four girls were rescued from a burning home in southeast Houston Wednesday but not all of them are recovering from injuries as well as hoped.

The youngest, 6-year-old Kiera Bradley, is out of the hospital. But her sisters have experienced setbacks that keep them at Memorial Hermann while their mother wonders how she ll pay for all the treatment keeping her daughters alive.

Firefighter Richard Mackert, who s been with theHouston Fire Department for just eight months, was the first to arrive at the burning home on the 3000 block of Nita. He found 8-year-old twin sisters Ariana and Alysia on the floor of a back bedroom, overcome by smoke.

The other two girls, Kiera and 12-year-old Leilani, were saved by neighbors.

Leilani is now fighting a collapsed lung and blisters on her face. Ariana and Alysia are in critical condition in the ICU, suffering from so much lung damage that doctors keep them both sedated.

Alysia is responding slowly. Ariana is not.

I m confused and overwhelmed right now, said their mother, Kanitta Diallo.

The one night Diallo left Ariana s bed to shower and sleep, doctors had to resuscitate the girl. Now, they worry about potential brain damage.

It s overwhelming cause every time I go to see her where she s swollen and her body is swollen. All the tubes and just the fact that I haven t seen her open her eyes. It breaks my heart to see her like that, said Diallo.

On top of that, Diallo and her husband have to worry about the bills. They're on Medicaid and are not sure how much of their daughters' treatment is covered.

All they know is they can t leave this hospital, not with so much uncertainty.

Diallo, who manages a Pizza Hut restaurant, says it is touch-and-go with all three of her girls hospitalized here.

She has no idea how long they ll be there or how much all of that treatment will cost.

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