HOUSTON A study done by the UT Medical Branch in Galveston found that 28% of boys and girls have sent a naked picture of themselves to another teen.

Dr. Jeff Temple says it s quite accurate, even on a national level.

Sexting refers to sending nude photos via text or email.

I d really like this study to get parents to ask their kids, what do you think, is it going on with teens you know? How would you handle it if someone asked you to send a naked picture of themselves? said Temple.

Dr. Temple says the survey also reveaed that one-third of teens have asked for a nude picture to be sent to them and teen girls who engage in sexting tend to indulge in other risky behaviors.

Mom, Lynette Pollard, knows all about the problem.

I found the pictures of the naked boys, that she goes to school with. They aren t random people even, it s almost like it s part of conversation to send pictures of each other, said Pollard.

She admits the activity is hard to police.

With the technology we have now, there s no way of getting around it, said Pollard.

Temple agrees but hopes his research can instigate an oftentimes uncomfortable, but important, conversation.

Talking about sex, the birds and the bees, is intimidating and scary for parents and even pediatricians. This might be a door opener to talking about sexual practices, said Temple.

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