HOUSTON The owner of Late Nite Pie is the second person to be charged in connection with the fire that burned down the Midtown pizza restaurant in February.

Felicity Burris, 35, is charged with arson.

Co-defendant and restaurant manager Raymond Pecher, who was charged after being caught on surveillance camera, said in his statement to police that Burris, the owner and his boss, asked him to start the fire. Pecher also stated that the business had been in financial trouble.

Burris has been paying Pecher s rent since the fire in February, according to police.

Shane Strahan, Burris personal assistant, told police that he knew about the restaurant s financial problems and had overheard the co-defendants discussing the fire.

Strahan told police he heard Burris say, I m tired of it. I just want it gone. I want it to burn.

The building in which Late Nite Pie operates is owned by Sophia Zoes, who leases to the defendant.

Burris is being held with no bond in Harris County due to the fact that she is on deferred adjudication for a 2010 felony forgery of a financial instrument case.

On February 8, more than 100 firefighters fought the fire at the Midtown pizza restaurant. Investigators later found the fire had been set intentionally in four separate spots around the restaurant.

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