HOUSTON Two children were left alone in a hot minivan in a Katy parking lot Saturday morning, authorities said.

Jeremy Alcede, the owner of Tactical Firearms in Katy, said couldn t believe what he heard from a customer. A 5-month-old boy and 18-month-old girl were found sitting in a hot minivan crying. Authorities said a child under the age of 14 is not allowed to be left in a car unaccompanied.

Thirty-two minutes passed before someone even knew these kids were out here, Alcede said.

Alcede knew how long it took, because he checked the surveillance video. His coworkers found the van s window halfway down, but he said the kids were hot and sweating.

At this point we thought that they actually abandoned the kids. I said, Oh my God, we asked everybody in the store. We thought times are tough and maybe they dropped them off in front of the gun store hoping someone would get them, Alcede said.

No one claimed the kids, so Alcede went back to the video. It turned out that the man was inside his store the entire time, looking at guns. Fifty-three minutes passed before EMS pulled the children out of the van. According to authorities, the children were in good condition.

The Precinct 5 constable s office told KHOU 11 News that the District Attorney decided not to press charges against the father and turned over the case to Child Protection Services for further investigation.

When did the district attorney become the police department? Or the sheriff s department? It s not their jobs. It s the sheriff department s to take the report, do their job and then present it to the district attorney and try to build a case, Alcede said.

The children were released to their mother.

I don t understand. This just does not make sense that he blatantly broke the law, endangered the lives of his kids. And he is free on the streets, Alcede said.

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