BLANCO COUNTY, Texas -- Mark and Nona Fox have never seen the feral hogs on their ranch in Blanco County so out of control. They are tearing up the ground and stealing food from deer.

Mark Fox said they have also started a war. Last week, five feral hogs had stumbled into one of his pens when one of them attacked.

He meant business, Fox said. He meant business.

Fox hurried to close a gate and to lock the pigs in, but he did not hurry quickly enough.

He came to me, and he was literally flying, and I jumped up on the gate, Fox said. But I did not jump high enough or fast enough, and he hit me.

The hog s tusk dug several inches into Fox s calf. A doctor later closed the wound with more than 100 stitches.

Across the Hill Country, wild hogs are becoming more aggressive this summer. The police chief of Marble Falls even went as far as to issue a warning to residents to be on the lookout for them.

Dry conditions arebelieved tobemaking the pigs more desperate and dangerous as they forage for food.

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