HOUSTON Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill White has launched a new series of attack ads, which accuse Gov. Rick Perry of raiding the Texas teacher retirement system to benefit his campaign donors.

White alleges the moves gave state business to politically-connected companies.

A 2009 government whistleblower memo released yesterday by
White's campaign for governor describes a series of alleged ethical
lapses and insider deals at the $100 billion Teacher Retirement
System of Texas.

Loree Vernon, who now depends on the Teacher Retirement System after spending 32 years educating Houston students, said she s worried.

It scares the holy heck out of me. That is my future, she said.

She said she makes enough to live, but with no raise in ten years money is tight.

Now to be worried that there is a threat to our retirement fund? Things are not OK right now, she said. I think that we have to do some scrutiny right now.

Perry dismissed the accusations, and shrugged off the issue as last minute politics saying:

That has been fully investigated by an outside group and by the TRS and it was forwarded on to the appropriate audit committee and there is no 'there' there.

Vernon said she isn't worried so much about the politics, she's worried about her bottom line.

If that system failed? That is absolute disaster, she said.

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