HOUSTON -- Arson investigators are asking for patience as they continue to investigate the cause of a three-alarm fire that destroyed 10,000 pieces of voting equipment at the Harris County Election Technology Center last month.

Houston Fire Department Chief Terry Garrison and Arson Chief Gabe Cortez provided updates and answered questions Thursday regarding their investigation into the cause of the August 27 fire at 606 Canino.

The warehouse caught fire around 4:20 a.m. and had an estimated $40 million in damages. The building was used to store equipment, including voting booths and eSlates the computer-based machines used for collecting votes.

Investigators said they have not found any traces of substances that could cause a fire or make it spread, but have not ruled out arson.

Harris County election officials have said voters should have nothing to worry about when the elections begin in November.

Harris County now says it has 3,000 new eSlate voting machines and another thousand or so are on loan from Texas counties, officials said. Elections officials say, at a minimum, they'll have 4,700 machines on hand Nov. 2nd, with at least a half dozen machines at each of the county's polling locations.

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