HOUSTON -- A Houston police officer charged with official oppression in connection with the arrest of a 16-year-old boy says he was just doing his job on the afternoon of the alleged beating.

I never thought about it. I never thought twice about it, Officer Raad Hassan said. You know we went on to the next task after that ... and as you can see things are different now.

The incident occurred on March 23 after a police chase involving multiple members of the west side gang task force and one member of an HPD tactical unit.

Chad Holley, a 16-year-old Elsik High School student who was suspected of burglary, said he was attacked by officers while he was in custody and handcuffed.

The incident was caught on surveillance cameras at a nearby business, Uncle Bob s Self Storage. Nearly a month later on April 20, the company s corporate office mailed copies of the surveillance footage to HPD and the Harris County District Attorney s Office.

Hassan said witnesses saw two men breaking into a home, but when officers confronted the pair, the suspects ran.

In this particular instance we believed this burglary suspect was armed and dangerous, and the actions I took then were to protect myself, my coworkers and the citizens of the city, he said.

Hassan said from December through March, there had been some 400 burglaries in that particular area.

I got a lump in my throat; the anxiety was out there because you never know what direction it is going to go, Hassan said. And even though there were a lot of us working on this case at that time, somebody could get hurt and somebody could get killed and we didn t know what we were going to be dealing with.

Hassan said his world was turned upside down when he was charged last week with official oppression. He said he was also fired from the job he loved.

If I end up being a police officer again, I will be very happy, he said. The issue itself has been really hard on my family and [has] taken a toll.

Now he is fighting to be cleared and said he has plenty of support.

A lot of my friends are my coworkers too, and they know who I am, and what kind of person I am, and I don t think they would be supporting me if they didn t know I am a good man, he said.

Hassan s wife, Sarah Hassan, agreed.

I know my husband goes to work every day to do his job, she said. I wouldn t have married him if I thought he was capable of doing anything other than that.

In addition to Hassan, former officers Andrew Blomberg, Drew Ryser and Phil Bryan are charged with official oppression in connection with the incident. Hassan and Bryan are also charged with violating the civil rights of a prisoner.

Their perception was that they faced a deadly threat and they acted appropriately, said Attorney Joe Ownby, who represents Hassan.

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