HOUSTON Charges were filed Friday against a man prosecutors say wasa gunman in an alleged murder-for-hire plot on a Bellaire socialite.

Nhut Nguyen, 37, is charged with aggravated assault and was arrested Friday afternoon.

Nguyen is accused of shooting at Yvonne Stern through the window of her Bellaire home on April 15 one of three attempts on her life.

Stern was not hurt in that attack, but on May 5, she was shot in the stomach and seriously injured.

It was not clear if Nguyen was suspected in any incident other than the April 15 shooting.

Prosecutors have charged three other people, Michelle Gaiser, James Lowery and Richard Gutierrez, with solicitation of capital murder in the case.

Assistant District Attorney Kari Allen admitted Thursday that this particular case was more complicated than most.

I think it is very unusual that this many people were involved in a conspiracy to have one person killed, said Allen.

According to prosecutors, Michelle Gaiser was having an affair with Stern s husband, prominent Houston attorney Jeffrey Stern, and wanted Yvonne Stern out of the way.

Allen said Gaiser has admitted to police that she provided money to have Yvonne Stern killed.

Prosecutors wired one of the people allegedly recruited by Gaiser and recorded two of their conversations.

There were two wired conversations that she had with one of the middle-men in which she talked about an original hit and then having someone else executed also, Allen said.

That middle-man, prosecutors said, was Richard Gutierrez.

Prosecutors said Gaiser offered Gutierrez $20,000 to kill the socialite. Gutierrez told police he then approached his brother, Adam, about the hit.

According to court records, the brothers took $13,000 from Gaiser, and then Adam attempted to extort more money.

My understanding ... is that Adam was supposed to have done one of the hits on Yvonne but didn t, and instead extorted money from Michelle, Allen said.

Investigators said that angered Gaiser, so she approached Gutierrez again, this time about killing his brother.

We never thought Richard wanted to have Adam killed, said Allen. That was just a conversation he had... Richard never intended to have his brother killed.

Gutierrez also told investigators that neither he nor his brother ever actually tried to kill Stern.

The third suspect charged with solicitation of capital murder in the case is tattoo artist James Lowery, who police believe was also hired by Gaiser in the plot.

As for Yvonne Stern, Allen said she s still recovering from the May 5 shooting.

Physically, she is recovering very well, but right now, of course, she is emotionally devastated, Allen said last week.

Jeffrey Stern has since admitted to the affair, but told police he had nothing to do with the alleged plots against his wife.

Yvonne Stern filed for divorce last Friday, citing adultery.

The couple has two children, ages 12 and 14.

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