HOUSTON -- Houston and Bellaire police officers are investigating two shootings that may have targeted Houston socialite Yvonne Stern.

Stern, the wife of prominent Houston attorney Jeffrey Stern, reportedly pulled up to the Citgo Service Station on Loop 610 and North Braeswood Wednesday with a shattered window and a bloody shirt.

She was sitting there, saying I ve been shot. I ve been shot, said Freddie Romero, the mechanic who first spotted her.

While someone called 911, Romero says Stern told her a contractor had pulled the trigger.

The contractor tried to rip her off, he said.

The bullet, fired two blocks away at 4500 N. Braeswood, hit her in the stomach.

I held her hand. I was talking to her. I told her it was going to be alright. Help was on the way, said Romero.

The shooting was the second one in two weeks. One week earlier, Stern was home when someone knocked on her front door, then fired through a glass window, police said.

Crime Stoppers released a sketch of a teenager spotted near the scene of the crime.

The second shooter was described as older, but otherwise similar.

Police are trying to determine whether the two may in fact be the same man, or otherwise connected.

So far, they have not identified any suspects and have not determined a motive.

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