HOUSTON -- In the heart of Meyerland on a patriotic street, an act caught on video was fueling outrage around the Independence Day holiday.

Get a job, said homeowner Gary Behelfer. Do something more important with your life.

Behelfer was talking about a thief who stole packages off his front porch. The Behelfer's security camera recorded it all.

And low and behold, I saw a delivery, said Behelfer. Then shortly thereafter, I saw the packages being removed.

A few streets over, it seems like the same thief was at it again. Surveillance video shows him backing up to a house in a white sedan. Then he can be seen hoping out of the car and running up to the front door. Moments later, the video shows him rushing back to the car with the package in tow.

The victim, who didn t want to be identified, said, I felt shocked and I felt violated.

Both homeowners posted their videos on Facebook. Neighbors have taken notice and precaution. Laura Putkey printed off a screen shot and taped it to her mailbox.

The suspect appeared to be wearing the same outfit, even though the package thefts occurred two days apart.

I want to be proactive, said Putkey. He's taking peoples' medications. He's taking their mementoes.

And with each box, he s also robbing neighbors of their piece of mind.

Somebody coming up on your front step and taking a package just makes you angry, added Behelfer.

So far police have not made any arrests.

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