NAVASOTA, Texas The southbound lanes of Highway 6 near Navasota have reopened after a train derailment had the highway closed for several hours in both directions, according to a report from KBTX.

According to the Grimes County sheriff, eight cars of a Union Pacific train carrying a non-toxic chemical was spilled. Officials say the cars were carrying 73,000 gallons of diethanolamine, or DEA.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, DEA is used as a surfactant and a corrosion inhibitor. It is used to remove hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide from natural gas. It is also used in cutting oils, soaps, shampoos, cleaners, polishers, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Acute inhalation exposure may result in irritation of the nose and throat, and dermal exposure may irritate the skin.

Grimes County Sheriff Don Sowell said there may be damage to the Highway 6 overpass.

Officials said there is no risk to the public and no evacuations necessary.

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