FORT WORTH A senior in high school and her mother were shocked to find the girl's photo on a new Facebook page that sexually targets young women, some clearly underage.

The page is titled B----es Who Look Like Angels and first appeared a few days ago.

I was pretty disgusted, said Jasmine McKinzie, who is a senior at Brewer High School in White Settlement.

Her mom was even more upset that her daughter's photo somehow ended up on the page. But when she noticed all of the underage girls on it, she said she had to speak out.

It's totally wrong, Angel McKinzie said. A lot are younger than 18.

The page is filled with dozens of photos, including some of middle and high school students. The page administrator typically writes graphic sexual comments under the photos.

In one such post, a girl whose profile said she was in middle school, the page administrator writes, you are 14 now and you gonna have my baby when you turn into 15.

Most of the comments are far too graphic to share.

The McKinzie family thinks whoever is running the site trolled through Facebook looking for posts from young girls, then took their images and posted them to the page.

After News 8 alerted Facebook to the page Wednesday, the company eventually pulled it down.

We took a closer look and removed the page for violating our Community Standards, said spokesperson Matt Steinfeld in an e-mail.

White Settlement ISD said it appeared a couple of the girls were current or former students, but didn't see any underage photos of anyone local. They're still looking into it.

McKinzie, who is 19, said she and her mom might look into pursuing online harassment charges, but that their main concern was just to alert parents and young women everywhere.

Always check your privacy settings, it can make the difference, she said.


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