HOUSTON A grandmother unknowingly exposed her 3-month-old grandson to drugs she was allegedly using while caring for the infant, according to Houston police.

Stephania McKinney, 59, was charged with endangering a child; a felony.

The boy s mother left him with his grandmother, McKinney, while she worked a night shift on March 27. She said her son was healthy and fine. But the next day, McKinney called and said her baby was not acting normal.

The worried mother rushed home to find the infant limp and unresponsive. She took her baby to the emergency room, where the baby tested positive for PCP. She asked McKinney if she had been doing any drugs, but she denied it, investigators said.

During a police interview, however, McKinney allegedly admitted that she had smoked a marijuana cigarette with a group of homeless people on the day that she was babysitting, but was not certain if it had been dipped in PCP. She said she did, however, snort some cocaine.

McKinney said she did not realizing that she could contaminate the baby because she had handled the drug. She figured that she still could have had the drugs in her system when she put the baby s bottle in her mouth. McKinney said she had to bite the nipple of the bottle to make the opening larger before feeding the baby. She said soon after the baby drank the bottle, he began acting funny and became limp and sleepy. He also would not respond to her voice, according to documents.

The grandmother also admitted that she has placed the baby s pacifier in her mouth, then would give it to him, while she was under the influence of drugs but she didn t think she was doing anything wrong.

McKinney s bail was set at $10,000.

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