SAN ANTONIO -- The widow of former Hollywood Park Mayor Bill Bohlke has filed a legal request asking that her husband's body be exhumed.

Tonia Bohlke wants the investigation into his death reopened, however, authorities maintain the mayor was killed in a tragic accident involving a donkey in August of 2012.

Investigators determined he was attacked by a donkey on the family ranch in Atascosa County.

The exhumation document was filed Tuesday afternoon in the 131st Judicial District in Bexar County. It alleges the Atascosa County Sheriff s Office compiled a three-page report on the mayor s death. In addition, there are accusations no autopsy was performed on Bohlke and no DNA was gathered.

Investigators have stood by their cause of death since the mayor s passing on August 27, 2012.

Bohlke s widow insists her husband was murdered. In fact, he was reportedly getting ready to sell a bull the day he died. The names of those prospective buyers were allegedly passed along to deputies.

The document also mentions an independent report which alleges Bohlke s death was not the result of an animal attack.

So far, the court has not responded to the request.

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