LEAGUE CITY, Texas The Stranger Danger incident at Hall Elementary School last week has been determined to be a non-predatory event after officers located the vehicle and were able to question the owner, according to the League City Police Department.

During a follow up investigation, League City Police Officers located the older-model red vehicle matching the description given by the child in the neighborhood. Officers interviewed the 87-year-old owner who confirmed he saw the boy, believed he was locked out of his house and thought he needed help. The man stated the passenger side window of his car is broken, and he had to open the door to speak to the boy. Officers were able to confirm this.

League City officials said their children s safety and welfare is a priority. Officers will maintain patrols around our schools, and encourage parents to assist us by discussing with their children safe vs. unsafe strangers and how to react in potentially dangerous situations. When possible, children should walk in small groups. If approached by a stranger and offered a ride, children should tell them No, walk away keeping a safe distance from the stranger s vehicle, and yell for help if the stranger continues to follow them.

Role-playing and discussions with children are effective tools parents can use to prepare them for a real-life situation.

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