HOUSTON Someone is $2 million richer and the store owner who sold the lucky ticket said he s just waiting for that person to come forward.

Perhaps surprisingly, he s used to this. Sam Sanghvi has sold multiple winning tickets in the past, including a million dollar scratch off.

This is the store. Anybody that stops here has a chance. If you play, you win, said Sanghvi, the Gulf convenience store owner.

The person who bought the winning ticket at the Gulf convenience store in Deerpark, matched five winning numbers, but not the Powerball. Because of that, sadly, Sanghvi will not be getting the bonus he was hoping for.

That s what I thought. Texas Lottery told me it was going to be twenty grand. Then they called and said no, nothing. If the customer would ve won on the scratch off two million, I would ve got $20,000. But just because it s Powerball, I don t know that s the rule over there. I don t get nothing, said Sanghvi.

Nonetheless, selling the mysterious winning ticket is getting him attention.

The publicity alone just from selling the winning ticket here is going to help. Sam is really great with his customers. Everybody knows him. People come here just for that. It s going to be more positive for his business and it s going to help either way, said regular customer Alan Walker.

Despite the slight letdown, Sanghvi agreed, he is looking forward to getting more business.

Great, great advertisement for me. I hope more customers come to the store, said Sanghvi.

More customers and more dreamers have already been showing up hoping to win big.

A house for everyone in my family, so it obviously wouldn t go that far, said Becky Schuller, a customer.

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