HOUSTON Dr. Martin Luther King Day parade goers dream Houston will one day have one celebration in his honor. Two groups staged competing parades Monday.

People cheering and dancing lined up early to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a man killed chasing his dream.

We love him, said Priscilla Owens, who watched the downtown parade. We want to show everybody we love him.

We ve all come a long way and Dr. King played a very important role in all of our lives, said Latonia Lawrence, who also watched Houston s original MLK parade downtown.

However, if you ask Emily Wilson how much she knows you can understand why her dad, Roy, brought his whole family two hours early.

I know... a little bit (about Dr. King s life) but not all of it, Emily Wilson, who watched the midtown parade said.

I want (my children) to know more than I was taught in school, her dad Roy Wilson said. We need our kids to know our story so that they understand where they came from and where they need to get their kids to go.

It is a lesson about unity. Given that spirit was being championed along both parade routes, some continue to wonder when the city s two parades will be one.

To have two separate parades, it is kind of questionable in my eyes, Lawrence said. So, hopefully one day we ll all come together and decide on doing it all together at one time.

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