HOUSTON A house fire at a north Houston home led to an unexpected reunion for a woman and her dog Thursday.

According to the Houston Fire Department, the house fire was first reported at 11:30 a.m. on the 1100 block of Hartwick Drive when two neighbors saw smoke coming from the home.

The two men, Bob Johnson and Armando Delatorre, said they had to kick in the front door to rescue the homeowner who was asleep inside.

I was on my hands and knees, but I could see the flames around the kitchen, Johnson said.

The neighbors worked to contain the fire until firefighters arrived on the scene.

So we got the water hoses, broke the windows and tried to put the fire out through the windows, Delatorre said.

At first, they had no idea someone was inside and then they saw him.

The guy just walked out. I guess he couldn t find his way until we opened the doors and the guy just walked out, Delatoore said.

That guy was Rolondo Perez s father, who was alone in the house along with their three dogs.

That was all I was worried about, just my dad. I mean the dogs, too. I m just glad they all made it, Perez said.

They made it out with just minor injuries. The dogs needed some help breathing though.

And then a day of dramatic rescues took an unexpected twist when neighbor Shiree Hicks came by.

And I looked over to see if everyone was OK and I saw Jingles, Hicks said. I just moved over here. I had her and she was caged in the back. She squeezed through the fence and got away and I had never seen her anymore.

The Perez family found the escaped dog, but did not know who she belonged to.

We just kept her. We were waiting to see if someone would come looking for her and no one ever came so we just kept her, Perez said.

Of course, that was until Thursday s fire and dramatic rescue.

Because of the fire, I found my dog, Hicks said.

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