HOUSTON -- Two men walked into the Audi West Houston dealership last week during regular business hours and drove off with a car worth $80,000, and they didn t pay for it.

Sales Manager Greg Chapman said a man came into the dealership last Thursday afternoon, and after looking at several cars, asked to test drive the RS5 coupe.

After taking it for a spin, the man and a sales employee sat down to talk about the car.

Chapman said when his employee walked away from his desk for a moment, the man grabbed the car keys, his driver s license, and even the copy that was made of his driver s license, and walked back out to the car.

Literally in 10 to 15 seconds, he was in that fast car and drove off, Chapman said. There was really no way to stop him.

The entire incident starting from when the two men pulled into the dealership in a white Range Rover, which Chapman believed was also stolen is caught on surveillance camera.

Chapman said it was clear the two had a plan.

This is not their first rodeo, they've done this before, Chapman said.

The suspect told the employee his name was Jason Manning, and that he moved to Houston from Louisiana, where he owned two tattoo parlors.

But Chapman said it s likely that story was bogus.

The phone number he gave us was a bogus number, it was to a collection agency of all things, Chapman said.

This is the first time Chapman says his business has been hit. He s just thankful no one was hurt.

If they want to do a crime, they are going to do a crime and you can't stop them, Chapman said.

The man who drove away with the car is believed to be around 5 10 and weighs around 240 pounds.

His right arm and leg are covered with tattoos, and he is described as a light-skinned man.

His accomplice was standing about six feet tall and weighing around 170 pounds.

Audi West Houston is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone who either brings the car back or offers a tip that leads to a conviction.

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