HOUSTON Mike Cade s scalp has staples where bullets hit him in the back of the head, one of his shoulders is broken and he s having nightmares.

The way Mike Cade sees his life now, an enraged gunman killed him, but God decided he should survive.

Crazy. He could ve killed everybody, Cade said Wednesday, two weeks after the shooting.

Cade was sitting in a barber s chair getting a haircut when gunfire erupted outside a nearby nail shop. An enraged husband had shot out the glass door of the shop located in the 3000 block of East FM 1960 and had started dragging away his wife.

The woman screamed. The men in the barber shop ran outside.

The guy that came to kill his wife, he was trying to force his wife into the truck with a gun in his right hand, said Henry McHenry, the barber who was cutting Cade s hair.

Cade is a Navy veteran and a former military police officer, but he credits what he did next to God and instinct. He ducked into a crouch, ran behind the truck and grabbed the gunman. In the ensuing scuffle, Cade remembers seeing a bright flash of light.

Muzzle flash, he recalls. All I saw was blood and bone marrow and all kinds of gushing blood out of my face.

McHenry remembers running up to the scuffling men and kicking away a pistol. As blood gushed from Cade s head, his barber held down the gunman.

Cade staggered to his feet, walked over to a chair in front of the barber shop and sat down to wait for an ambulance.

Between me, him and God, he killed me, Cade said. He shot me right in the face. But as I say, God restored it. And as you see, I m fine.

Unless he points to the dark spot beneath his right eye, it s hard to see where he was shot.  Somehow, the bullet that struck his face must have been deflected, he says, because they didn t find it in his head.

I have nightmares, Cade said. I wake up in my own bed and it s like, I m here. It s not supposed to be.

Cade still sounded somewhat dazed when he returned to the barber shop for the first time since the shooting. His barber wanted to say something about him in front of television cameras.

I was proud of him, McHenry said. I m still proud of him today.

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