HOUSTON -- If you consider yourself a speed texter a new Android app is for you.

Swype allows you to move your finger around your screen s keyboard without ever letting up. It then uses its expansive vocabulary to take a good guess as to what you re typing. Better yet, the dictionary updates over the Internet.

They say this is a much faster way to type on your phone since you don t have to waste time picking out and tapping each letter individually.

Even better, Swype s makers are including the Dragon voice-to-text functionality, so you can quickly just say what you want to email or text.

It costs a dollar in the Android Market. Previously the app was only available on a few Android phones as part of a test phase. While there are a few apps like it, many say Swype is the best.

iPhone/iPad users, you ll have to wait a little longer to see if it ever shows up as an option on your device. Swype s makers say they ve had discussions with Apple aboutgetting it on iOS, but some experts say it's a long shot.

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