SEAGOVILLE, Texas - WFAA in Dallas has learned that 20 weapons were recovered from a unit at a Seagoville self-storage locker in connection with the unsolved Kaufman County murders.

Sources said the locker had been rented on behalf of former Kaufman County Justice of the Peace Eric Williams, who is curently jailed on unrelated charges.

A source said federal investigators are conducting ballistics tests on the weapons, which are similar to those used to kill Kaufman County prosecutor Mark Hasse on Jan. 31 and District Attorney Mike McClelland and his wife Cynthia, who were found dead at their home on March 30.

Sources said investigators also seized a Ford Crown Victoria sedan from the storage facility that was allegedly purchased by Williams back in February under a false name.

Sources said they have surveillance video of that vehicle driving into and out of the McLellands' neighborhood on the day they were slain.

Eric Williams a former justice of the peace in Kaufman is the main suspect in the murder case, sources said. Sources said they obtained enough probable cause to search his home and other properties after having Williams under surveillance and by getting subpoenas in this case.

Williams was convicted last year for stealing three county-owned computers. Mark Hasse and Mike McLelland prosecuted him.

Williams also had his license to practice law suspended following his conviction.

He and his attorney, David Sergi, have vigorously denied any connection to the murders of the McLellands and Hasse. Sergi has not been available for comment since Williams was arrested.

Williams remains in the Kaufman County Jail on a $3 million bond after being arrested at his home early Saturday morning for allegedly making terroristic threats.

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