HOUSTON Thousands of trail riders are making their way toward Houston s Memorial Park, where they ll camp out and party it up Friday night.

On Saturday, they will saddle up again to ride downtown for the Rodeo Parade.

The Los Vaqueros Trail Ride started in the border town of Hidalgo on February 2 for the 400-mile journey to Houston.

Los Vaqueros was founded 40 years ago by Lorenzo Larry Ramirez. He can t ride any more but he drives the water wagon.

I m too old to ride and too fat to fly, but I make it, Ramirez joked.

His son, David, is now the trail boss. He said his biggest worry is drivers.

They re on the phone. They yell at you to move out the way, David said.

His brother Sal is the assistant trail boss, but not for long.

A horse stomped his arm Tuesday morning. Then he got a call that his house was on fire.

Yeah, my wife just called and said it burned to the ground, Sal said. What are you gonna do? I m about to leave the ride now and go home.

The rest of the riders will travel about 19 miles a day, rain or shine.

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