A puppy in San Antonio suffered an unspeakable death, according to Animal Care Services.

They said the little dog found in a trash can had been burned alive.

ACS said a woman found the pup in her trash bag in the 2400 block of Hicks. She immediately called police, and the police called ACS.

The puppy was taken to ACS facilities on Wednesday afternoon, but he just couldn't hold on. The little Labrador retriever mix, that couldn't have been much older than six months, died Thursday.

He wasn't even there long enough to be given a name, but ACS staff said even in his last moments he was one of the sweetest puppy they've seen.

The puppy may have suffered even before the tragic burning. ACS said they found evidence of some possible older injuries.

ACS is working some leads in hope of finding the person or persons responsible for the crime, although they said there is an outside chance it was an accident.

Anyone with more information is asked to call 311.

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