HOUSTON -- Bobby Cliburn was the maintenance man caught in the middle of Tuesday s shooting at Lone Star College.

He just started shooting, said Cliburn. He didn't waste any time.

Cliburn saw the gunman and thought he could help the situation.

He was speaking to somebody inside and anyway he made a move towards the building and I told myself well I ll try to calm the situation before it gets any worse.

Before he had a chance to make a move, it was too late.

I tried to duck in behind one of the columns and he got me before I could do it.

The 69-year-old college employee was released from the hospital and into the care of his daughter. Later on, he ll have to go back to a specialist to get the bullet removed. It will stay lodged in his leg until he heals enough for surgery.

Cliburn has had time to think about what happened on campus.

It started other places and I think other kids have followed suit, said Cliburn. That's what I think and I don't think it's gonna stop.

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