HOUSTON A run of recent fare discounts and specials has flyers hoping that the lower gas prices on the ground are now flying high.

Air travel has been a pretty pricey proposition over the past few years, leaving plenty of air travelers fed up.

I don t like paying these fares, said Andy Kurkjian.

When you add the fees and the hassle to the mix there are plenty of reasons not to fly.

The put dropping gas prices in the mix and driving seems like a better deal.

Airfares have actually come down a little bit. I think that is related to the gas prices, Bonnie Smith noted.

It s not just the price at the pump. It s in the air too. Over the last week or so there have been a number of fare sales online, some with flights as low at $99 for a round trip.

I have noticed them going down. We are doing a lot of travelling this summer. So we ve had to book a lot of flights and have been on the websites and have noticed. They are not super cheap, but they are cheaper than they have been, Smith said. She was on her way to catch a flight from Houston to Newark with her husband and two young children.

Travel experts say there are two factors at play. When it comes to international travel lower fares may actually prompt people to fly, but when it comes to flights closer to home a lower fare may make the difference between flying and driving.

But for those shorter trips it has to be a real deal.

Going to Dallas it would have to be $100, $150 round trip to get me to fly, said Gina Meins.

Some fares hit that level this week, but not every destination is on the list.

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