MAGNOLIA, Texas A woman who allegedly slit her 5-year-old son s throat to rid him of demons remains the talk of the town in Magnolia.

Daphne Spurlock was arrested Saturday after police found her son on the floor of their home, covered in blood.

Investigators say Spurlock stomped on her son s chest first. When that didn't get rid of the demons, she cut his throat with a large kitchen knife, according to police.

Five-year-old Michael Spurlock was in critical condition, at last check.

Even if you believe in that sort of thing, how can a 5-year-old be possessed or have something like that? It s inconceivable in my mind, said Greg Riley, a Magnolia resident.

Spurlock s relatives say she changed dramaticallyover the last few years and seemed obsessed by religion.

I just didn t see her as a normal person any more. Something had influenced her, said Lee Gresham, her brother.

Gresham and others believe Spurlock s church, Magnolia Apostolic Tabernacle, may be to blame.

She always had a faith in God and believed in that, Lee Gresham said. She just got in kind of way deep at this place she s in now. She got beyond what I ve ever seen.

My mom said the church told her she had the power to cast demons out of people, said Channterra Gresham, Spurlock s daughter.

Channterra described her mom as a loving, caring person who had never harmed her five children in the past.

The pastor of the Pentecostal church said his congregation is still healing, and he s not ready to make a statement yet.

Spurlock remains jailed on a charge of attempted capital murder.

CPS has taken official custody of her son Michael.

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