HOUSTON An officer shot a man who allegedly fired a rifle Monday evening in downtown Houston s Tranquility Park, Houston police said.

It happened around 5 p.m. at Bagby and Rusk near City Hall.

Witnesses say a 21-year-old man wearing a business suit was walking near Tranquility Park and firing shots first into the air, and then into the fountain.

An officer confronted the man and shot him in the ankle. Cell phone video captured the man on the ground after the shooting and officers running to the area.

The cops started shooting because he started shooting, said Amy Tepper, a witness.

The shooting happened near the Occupy Houston camp.

We heard the gunshots and they thought they were false shots. I figured we don t need somebody at Occupy doing that and giving us a bad name, said JJ Freeman, who was with the officers when the man entered the park from the corner of Bagby and Rusk.

I was like, Hey man dude no! Don t shoot at my friends don t shoot at my friends, Freeman said. Then he shot at me again. Then he shot at the wall of the fountain, to show the cops he wasn t playing.

More than a dozen officers responded to the scene.

The suspect was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

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