HOUSTON It s something you might do every day for free, but now it s become a luxury service that women are paying for. Blow dry only salons are hitting Houston, and they re giving women the chance to leave the everyday task of hair styling to the pros.

Don t come to Blow Dry Bar if you re looking for a cut and color. The specialty salon, located near Westheimer and Kirby does one thing only; exactly what the name says.

It s simple. You wash, blow and go, stylist Brandon Sargent explained. For $35 and a little more than 30 minutes, your hair gets washed, blown out and styled.

That s part of the advantage, you re not getting squeezed in between a cut and color, Blow Dry Bar owner Rebecca Tallerine told KHOU 11 News.

After working in the salon industry for over a decade, Tallerine moved back to her native Houston to open the salon, and she already has dozens of devotees who believe a blow-out is an affordable luxury.

I mean anybody can, I mean that s a manicure and a pedicure, client Kristy Phillips explained.  Phillips drops in to save time and get a polished look before business meetings or a night out.  There s no way I could have done this in thirty minutes.

The name Blow Dry Bar says it all from the cocktails, to the business card coasters, to the bar menu of styles, the salon offers a little extra.

We also do hair happy hour events, Tallerine added.

Down the road at West Ave, The Do Bar is keeping the party going with their own spin on the blow dry only concept.

I wanted something very modern and very fun and lively Cara Crafton, the Do Bar owner said.

Crafton opened Do Bar this summer after seeing the trend take off in L.A. and New York.

I thought Houston is the perfect city, considering our climate and how many social events happen in this town.

Crafton s chairs stay filled with clients with a variety of needs.

Well, I have a 3-year-old so I don t get to straighten my hair myself very often, Jennifer Wagner said.

And according to Crafton, the look lasts. A normal blow-out can look fresh for as long as three days.

So if your Do is not something you want to do yourself, step into one these blow-dry only salons, and enjoy a fresh out-of-the-salon look.

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