HOUSTON Several local universities held graduation ceremonies on Saturday, a milestone for students who are done worrying about school and are beginning to search for work.

From Rice to TSU, proud families saluted their graduates, who will likely soon be seeking a job.

I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, it s my passion, said Elizabeth Vasquez, who s still looking but is not yet worried.

Vasquez, who attended St. Thomas University, said she has faith in her education and at home. Her brother was born with cerebral palsy.

It s severe. He s paralyzed from the waist down, he has some cognitive disabilities, she said. If I can handle that I m sure that I can handle anything else.

Vasquez, like others graduating this year, chooses to look on the bright side.

And there is a bright spot.

Forbes Magazine recently named the five best cities for jobs, four of which are in Texas. Houston is ranked number three.

While teaching positions are currently scarce, teaching skills are very marketable to job-placement professionals.

They have great transferable skills in to social services, counseling, health services, research things like that, said Omar Fortune with Workforce Solutions.

Of course, the load is a lot lighter for graduates who already have a job, like Chetachi Ozougwu, who was drafted out of Rice by the Houston Texans.

I ve got my degree, got my diploma and now I m ready to focus on football, he said.

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