KINGWOOD, Texas A Kingwood mother who lost her limbs after giving birth has reached one of her goals.

Katy Hayes wanted to walk at the same time as her daughter. Now, they are taking baby steps together.

After giving birth toher third child in February of 2010, the 42-year-old mother s body was invaded by a rare strep infection.

While she was in a coma, her husband Al had to make the incredibly difficult decision to amputate her limbs.

It s not an issue, said Al. I don t think that she holds it against me but it may be something that I still hold against myself.

Al promised to take care of Katy and has been there to catch her if she falls on her prosthetic legs.

When KHOU 11 News visited the Hayes house last year, Katy said she wanted to walk by the time her daughter, Arielle, took her first steps.

She s already mastered it and moved on, said Katy. She s such a good baby.

Reaching one goal at a time is how Katy copes. She does have her moments, though.

I have to surrender to the I am alive and this is the new life I have, Katy said through tears. Someday I ll have legs with knees and toes that I can paint again because I miss that too.

The slow process is made easier by the fact that Arielle understands her mother needs special care.

She had looked at me and noticed that I didn t have hands and she stuck her hand in my fried okra and she started putting them in my mouth because she realized I couldn t feed myself, Katy said.

Katy Hayes story is featured in the latest edition of People magazine. The article is called A Life Worth Living.

If you would like to help the Hayes family with expenses or learn more about their fundraisers, visit

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