HOUSTON -- Houston Texans officials are about the only people not talking about the pictures one of their players sent out as a tweet.

While vacationing in the Dominican Republic, Texans corner back Kareem Jackson tweeted about a cockfight he attended, and then he posted pictures of the event.

My first time ever seeing chicken fight till the death it was crazy, Jackson wrote in one tweet. Look at all these people that be at these chicken fights, you would think it s a college football game.

Cockfighting is legal in the Dominican Republic, but Jackson s postings are the talk of the town.

The topic lit up the boards during the J&R Show on Sports Radio 610. Hosts Josh Innes and Rich Lord got an earful.

Kareem Jackson was in a totally different country, so if it goes on in that country OK, I say it s OK, said one Texan fan who called into the show.

Host Rich Lord also read comments posted on the station s website.

A reader writes, So his judgment is as bad as his ability to play cornerback, Lord read to his listeners.

Texans offensive tackle, Eric Winston, is a regular on the radio show. He also weighed in on the issue.

I don t think he realized how serious some people take the treatment of animals, and you know what, you learn from it, said Winston. He s a young guy and he ll learn from this and move on.

No one seemed to be impressed with the postings.

This is despicable, disgusting behavior, said Stacy Fox with the Houston SPCA. It s animal cruelty. Whether it s illegal or legal, the fact that you re pitting two animals against each other to fight to the death is morally wrong.

Right now, in Texas, only those who throw the chickens into the ring could face charges and jail time. Proposed legislation could change that.

S.B. 939 would make it against the law to, not just participate in the cockfights, but to watch them.

A spokesperson for the Texans told 11 News the team is handling the matter internally and did not want to comment.

A call to Jackson s Florida-based agent was not returned.

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