HOUSTON -- Gold is trading above $1,000 an ounce -- a six-year high --and it has many people in the Houston area participating in gold-buying parties.

Amy Robinette is Houston s self-proclaimed Gold-Buying Girl. She began this business in the depth of the recession after her boyfriend asked for her help.

My boyfriend owns a high-end watch store, Hal Martin s, and he didn t have time to do the gold buying, said Robinette. And he said, Why don t you take over this business for me?

She did, and now she has 20 people helping her host gold-buying parties. Attendees simply show up with any old gold jewelry they do not want, sell it for 70 percent of its worth and get a check on the spot.

The party host gets 10 percent of the total amount paid out at the party. A typical party might pay the sellers a total of $4,000 or $5,000. Typically, an individual makes about $300 to $500 selling their old gold.

The buyers will purchase anything that s gold -- anything.

We buy dental gold, said Robinette laughing. People do bring me their gold crowns and please take the teeth out.

The gold-buyer comes to the party with a kit that includes a scale, a loupe and acid for testing any questionable pieces. They also have tools for removing any stones the seller would like to keep. Most gold jewelry is stamped somewhere with a mark showing the carat of the gold. If it is not stamped, the gold buyer can do an acid test. Real gold is impervious to acid. Her buyers do not buy gold-plated or gold-filled jewelry, said Robinette.

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