DALLAS If you re caught traveling all alone in the HOV lane, it s usually a bad thing. But for a German Shepherd named Elvis, it turned out to be good.

Elvis gained a sort of rock star status during the Wednesday morning rush hour when he slipped into the high occupancy vehicle lane of Highway 67 near Loop 12.

We saw the dog on the news, said Isaac Elizondo.

He and other news viewers were captivated as Dallas police chased Elvis for an hour before trapping him and removing him safely from the roadway.

Since no one came forward to claim him, he went up for adoption.

We had so many interested parties people who wanted to reach out to help him be part of a new family so we had a drawing, said Dallas Animal Services manager Jody Jones.

Elizondo and his companion Jennifer won the drawing and took Elvis home. He said Elvis has been through a lot... more than he should have been through. But he s going to have a really nice home and a big yard to play in.

Not a bad deal for a 10-year-old shelter dog. Officials say animals that age typically have a hard time finding homes, but Dallas Animal Services said this dog s instant celebrity benefited him.

And appears Elvis has had a domino effect on other animals at the shelter who were adopted thanks to all the traffic generated by the HOV runner.


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