GALVESTON, Texas Matt Grey is in a Galveston hospital clinging to live. He barely survived after being run over allegedly by the mother of his child.

My grandfather s arm is broken and his neck is broken, said Jamie Williams, the victim s granddaughter.

Those drugs have got her mind. If she was herself, she wouldn t have done it. Those drugs have her flipping out like that, Williams added.

Galveston Police said 30-year-old Latonya Kirven flipped out during an argument with Grey before running him down in the street. About 20 minutes later, they said she drove into the bayou with her 6-month-old baby boy inside the car.

A group of friends who were out there fishing took cell phone video and dove in to help.

I was struggling with her to get the baby from her, said Tyler Arcizo. She wouldn t give him up. She kept pulling him from me and putting him under water.

We got the baby and the baby was fine, said Nathan Reyna. He was on the ground for 15 to 20 seconds.

Both mother and child were taken to UTMB in Galveston. They were not hurt, but the mother, who has prior convictions for drug possession, faces new charges of driving while intoxicated with a child in the vehicle and assault with a deadly weapon.

Police said the motive for the rampage remains unclear, but the suspect s grandmother thinks she has a clue.

She s had a very rough life, said Roberta Walker. You can t live your life if you re on drugs. You can t live your life.

And police say you can t get away with a hit-and-run and a plunge into the bayou.

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