AUSTIN, Texas -- At 28 weeks pregnant, Jodi Sorenson dreamed she found a lump on her breast, and then did in real life.

It was an emotional Mother's Day for an Austin woman diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 28 weeks pregnant. She underwent chemotherapy before she delivered.

Doctors started chemotherapy treatment almost immediately. Jodi endured five weeks of radiation after she gave birth to Sven.

Sven will turn one later this month. His life is a precious gift after a period of intense pain and trials.

It's safe for the mother and for the baby, but it is hard to imagine that when you are in that situation, said Punit Chadha.

Jodi's doctors say a baby is protected from chemo during the third trimester; radiation is put off until after a mother delivers.

Obviously being a new mother is very tiring in itself but adding radiation, which can cause fatigue, on top of that can be difficult to deal with, but she did very, very well, said Doctor Ryan Tierney.

Jodi says enduring breast cancer is worth every minute spent with her son.

My heart swells up its pretty incredible, he s such a good little boy too, said Sorenson.

Jodi's husband Adam added, He's awesome. He s the best thing in our lives, and it s a lot of fun.

Jodi's doctors say she beat the disease. Her prognosis is excellent, and doctors will continue to monitor her moving forward.

I feel really lucky every day. Overcoming the dark days, to welcome a new light of love to the family, said Sorenson.

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