HOUSTON -- Chaos erupted on the streets of Montrose as flames engulfed one of Houston's budding mid-rises. Neighbors watched from below. Construction workers experienced it on the inside.

It's spreading like crazy, said Jerry, who lives in the area. You can still see the flames. They're crazy.

While firefighters attacked, neighbors watched in awe as clouds of smoke whipped down onto the street.

Imagine if someone were living in that, said Jerry.

No one lived there yet, but construction workers were busy inside forced to run from the heat of the flames and the structure they were working so hard to complete.

Everybody was yelling and screaming for us to come down, said worker Raul Hernandez.

Another worker told KHOU 11 News it was like hell on earth inside and hectic was people tried to get out.

Nearby residents were told to move a safe distance back as they watched winds whip the flames further. The smoke spread for blocks.

When you come here, one day it's fine and the next day you have a four story fire next to your house, said Michael Krylov. It's unreal.

Michael wondered if his apartment was next.

You're thinking about taking your loved ones out, your dogs, you're thinking survival first, said Krylov.

But no one can appreciate survival more than the workers who were able to get out of this inferno alive.

I don't feel lucky, I feel blessed, said Hernandez.


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