KATY, Texas It was not the way that Ryan Stromek wanted to pull an all-nighter.

Just after 2 a.m.Tuesday, the huge tree outside his home on Three Forks Drive came crashing down.

Heard what sounded like a branch snapping, he said. Turns out it was much larger than we thought it was.

He ran outside barefoot and began to break down the tree with the help of friends and a couple of axes. He was outside for nearly three hours.

All across Katy, the signs of spring stopped dead in their tracks as winter once again dealt a blow. And though the city glistened beneath a layer of ice, there were problems.

Weighted limbs fell all over the place, flyovers were slick, and some sections of the city lost power.

Three schools, including Katy High School, relied on generators.

One resident said she had not seen anything like it in years.

All those people who complain about the heat in the summer better not complain, resident Dawn Eagan said.

For many people, warmer temperatures could not come soon enough.

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