HOUSTON -- They were three of the most terrifying minutes of Irene Lopez s life.

She was working a register at a Subway along Richey Road near the Hardy Toll Road when two gunmen stormed in. The restaurant is connected to a Valero gas station.

I was so scared, Lopez said. I always worry about me, what my kids can do without me.

She said the crooks wore masks, gloves and black clothing. They pointed a gun at her and ordered her to empty the register.

The suspects also hopped over the counter at the Valero s register and forced the cashier to put money in a plastic bag.

Customers either hid or ran out. The entire incident lasted less than three minutes.

Police say the suspects ditched their stolen van up the road. Workers at the gas station and restaurant are just grateful no one was hurt.

Danger is everywhere, Lopez said. Bad things happen every day.

She hopes that there won t be a next time.

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