HOUSTON Just in: some last-minute tech stocking stuffer ideas. Most of these are still in stock at Houston-area stores, but I recommend you go to their websites to double check before you make the effort.

(Special thanks to Aio Wireless for letting me borrow some of these toys. Aio sells a lot of cool phones and accessories on its website.)

iFrogz Boost - $35 to $40 - Best Buy or Walmart
This little box boosts the volume of any smartphone Android or iPhone. It doesn t need cables, Bluetooth, or any other wireless connection. It taps into the audio coming out of your phone s speaker, no matter what it is, and then boosts it. It can be powered by USB or three AA batteries. It doesn t put out much bass, but it s light and convenient.

Eskuche headphones - $60 - Best Buy
These little headphones have a nice retro look and several colors to choose from. The wire isn t rubber instead it feels like cloth. Most importantly, the audio quality is very good (comparable to that of $100+ headphones), and it does a good job of isolating outside noise.

HoodieBuddie - JCPenney or Sears - $20

This looks like a regular hoodie, but the draw strings have ear buds built in! There s a zipper pouch to plug in and hide your MP3 player or smartphone. Of course it comes in dozens of colors and patterns. Act fast on this one! Only a few stores in Houston have it listed in stock.

Nokia Lumia 1520 - $199 (with 2-yr contract) AT&T
The Nokia 1520 Windows phone will go nicely with any of the above devices (if you like a big phone)! This is the first Windows Phone with a 6-inch display and full 1080p video. Many call these size phones phablets (phone + tablet). The build quality is excellent, and while overall the device is large, it is also very thin. Paired up with AT&T 4G LTE (which PC Magazine says is the fastest in Houston), the Lumia 1520 is blazing fast and the graphics are smooth.

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