HOUSTON -- Two burglars are busted after breaking into a home in the Oak Forest area and pulling out a family's leftovers and wine.

If they had come by and told me they were hungry, I would have given them some food, said homeowner Virgil Patterson. They don't need to break in for that.

It happened Wednesday afternoon in the 2300 block of Libbey Drive.

Patterson was at work but got a call from his neighbor after spotting the teenagers breaking in through a back window. That neighbor called police too.

The homeowner told us that the pantry door was open; leftovers and wine were pulled from the fridge.

There were also some items pulled from his stereo cabinet but nothing was taken from the house.

The suspects scattered when police showed up. One was caught outside the house.

The other was caught in the Mytiburger parking lot on W. 43rd Street. Owner Shawn Salyers saw the whole thing.

His surveillance cameras caught the take down too.

It was a very eventful day, Salyers said. We're definitely going to remember this one and tell stories about it later.

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