SOUTH HOUSTON South Houston City Councilman Roberto Robert Garcia allegedly rendered cash to two officers investigating a car accident involving his son, according to the Harris County District Attorney s Office.

Garcia was arrested on bribery charges.

The allegations stem from a May 26 accident on Spencer Highway and 8th Street in South Houston, in which Garcia s 21-year-old son was involved. The crash was caught on tape by a security camera and nearby business.

The victim s spleen ruptured, and she was hospitalized for several days due to the severe head injuries.

We don t have nothing against them, said Pricillia Mata, the victim s sister. It was just an accident that happened.

The councilman s son was charged with intoxication assault.

Garcia allegedly offered two South Houston police officers investigating his son s crash $2,000 each for confidential information that would no longer be accessible.

It was wrong of him doing what he was doing, Mata said.

Garcia was first elected to serve on the South Houston City Council in 2005, and was re-elected in 2007, according to the city s website.

Garcia is currently free on $20,000 bond and due back in court on Monday.

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