HOUSTON -- A Houston woman says a local restaurant went way out of bounds after she posted her uncensored opinion online.

Amanda Newman doesn t want an apology. She says she wants to take a stand to whoever insulted her on Facebook.

It began when she noticed that Maggie Rita s Tex Mex restaurant had closed another one of its locations. The only location left is one in downtown Houston.

Newman had her own theory about the restaurant s struggles. She recalls one of its owners being quoted in a Houston food blog.

You stick a Rita s on the end of it. You serve them some alcoholic beverages, and they re fine. It doesn t matter what the food tastes like, she said.

Newman said she searched for the restaurant on Facebook and put in her two cents.

I hopped on Facebook and said, This is the reason why you re closed. You insulted the greater Houston area, she explained.

She expected she d get some sort of response. The one that came her way, she feels, hit below the belt.

I check my Facebook page and see the comment, I thought fat people were supposed to be jolly, recalled Newman.

That set off a firestorm of feedback. Not everyone was in Newman s corner.

It does hurt. I mean, this is who I am. Being overweight is something I deal with on a regular basis, added Newman.

KHOU11 News reached Maggie Rita s co-owner Santiago Moreno by telephone.

Moreno said it wasn t his business that wrote the comment.

That s not one of ours. We have two Facebook pages, he said. Now I have to sit here and answer to something that has Maggie Rita s name on it, which we didn t do.

Moreno said the Facebook account behind the mean-spirited comment does not belong to Maggie Rita s

I saw the comment. We would never do that. I m way too busy to comment on that, he said.

Moreno said he s now trying to get the unofficial account shut down.

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