SPRING -- Thursday was the third day in a row that there was an increased police presence at all three high schools in the Spring Independent School District. All of it fueled by rumors and fanned by social media.

I was shocked, said one Spring High School parent after reading some of the tweets. I don't understand why they would put that up there.

The technology we can't escape is the cause of an infectious virus for school districts that is forcing them into tough decisions.

I would actually hate to be in their shoes to try and determine that, said Claudia Colley, a Spring ISD taxpayer

State statistics show that the number of actual weapons brought to school is way down, but threats being made have doubled from a decade ago.

This week at Spring High, there was an increased police presence and a semi-lockdown for students after threats of students bringing guns to campus were made.

On Monday at Memorial High School, a veiled post raising a question about a possible shooting threat caused a lockdown on campus and heavy police presence.

Then on Wednesday, the other two Spring high schools, Dekaney and Westfield, were added to the list because of the same unsubstantiated rumors as at Spring.

The district would not comment on camera, but said in a statement, Spring ISD takes a proactive approach to these rumors, which includes increasing campus security as a precautionary measure and investigating the rumors to see whether they are valid.

I'm keeping my kids home because I don't trust what is happening rumor or otherwise, said a parent about the threats.

Kids don't want us prying into their business, but you got to, said Spring parent Elizabeth Gibbs. You got to get inside their business, says Elizabeth Gibbs a Spring Parent.

The police presence will to continue in Spring because Friday is the day that all of these rumors had targeted.

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