DALLAS A Dallas woman says she heard the cries of the homeless and was motivated to write a song to give them hope.

But the tune ended up doing more than that; it inspired a Grammy-winning Gospel singer to record it on his next album.

Letitia Smith spends a lot of time at Dallas Life Foundation. She ministers to the homeless, like Bridgit Dehart, who has been homeless for 30 years.

I was on the streets and homeless, smoking crack, doing criminal stuff, doing whatever it took to get my high, Dehart said.

Hearing these stories made Smith want her own voice heard. She, too, has struggled.

The Lord put me in a state of homelessness. While I was there, he gave me words to the song, she said. That was something that tugged at my heart, and the words just started coming out.

Smith wrote a song called Where Are You? She said it lets people in need know there are people who care.

My favorite part of the song says: 'So here is my heart, and here's my hand, and I will do what I can,' she said.

Smith took what she wrote and had Gospel music sensation Fred Hammond listen to it. He was so moved, he helped with some of the lyrics and music, and has included it on his next album.

Both felt it was a calling.

He definitely had the desire to serve, Smith said.

Smith gets emotional when talking about the people she sees on the street and in tents under bridges. There are people that live like that, and that just tugged at my heart, she said, adding that she wants her song to bring them comfort.

It will bring peace, hope, encouragement to those that listen, Smith said. That there are people who care and will to do something.

Bridgit Dehart will soon have her own place.

Smith will soon have her first song.

And they pray about their success and their future together.


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