ROSENBERG, Texas Residents of Rosenberg are feeling a little nervous after two brazen crimes in the last few days.

Surveillance cameras were rolling when two burglars broke into the Zales Jewelry Store at the Brazos Town Center.

That s scary cause I work over here and it s kinda scary to see that s happening right here, said Candace Scott of Rosenberg.

I see that in Houston all the time. And it s closer this way. That s amazing, said Irma Vela, also of Rosenberg.

Across the highway, a 68-year-old man delivering newspapers was attacked outside a Starbucks.

Police monitor the shopping centers with video cameras. But that hasn t stopped the criminals.

It worries me because it could happen in your home, said Maria Gonzales.

The masked bandits who broke into the Zales didn t get what they were looking for. The jewelry in the display cases had been put away for the night.

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